Night of Light

Whether at night time events, balmy summer nights, glamorous galas,"winter fantasies" or at special Christmas markets, these light figures beings are a huge attraction. High above the heads of the audience, moonwomen shine in their glittering clothes like stardust. Ice flowers, curious reindeer riders, romantic starry princeses, dancing dream catchers and fairies from the blue depths of the mysterious universe.


Possible figures

  • 3 X Moonladys
  • 2 X Reindeer Rider
  • Queen of Elves
  • Ice Queen
  • Ice King
  • 4 X Miracle Worlds
  • Princess of Stars
  • La Luna
  • Angel
  • 4 X Lightflowers
  • 2 X Butterflies
  • 2 X Elves

Suitable for

  • Parades
  • indoor and outdoor events
  • light events

Can be combined with

  • Live Music: Clarinet & Accordion / Costume Magical Worlds
  • Enchanted Garden (production)


  • live music
  • USB drive for sound system
  • There is a winter playlist available, specially designed for these costumes



Night of Light

X-Mas parade 2017