Alice in Wonderland

In a fast-paced, short performance, the story about little Alice and her colorful fantasy world is told . Burlesque rabbits, wild hellhounds and the domineering Queen of Hearts with her court state populate the scenery of Wonderland. All figures are also bookable as a walk act.


The individual scenes and elements of the show (stilt art, aerial artistry, hula hoop, fire show) can be combined in different ways.
The result is a show individually adapted to your event.
Also bookable as a walk act with individual elements from the show.

Possible figures

  • 1 x Alice (this figure is also available as an aerial artist, if Alice is booked as a show)
  • Queen of Hearts
  • 2 X Princess of Hearts
  • 3 - 4 X Rabbit on jumping stilts (also 1 X with meadow bicycle)
  • 2 X Hellhounds
  • Caterpillar
  • 2 X Flamingo Rider
  • 2 X Mr. Moneymaker without stilts
  • The Band
  • 2 - 4 X Grande Dames without stilts
  • 4 X Jellyfish without stilts
  • 2 X Maritima with wind fishes
  • Butterfly (inflatable)
  • fireartists

Suitable for

  • parades
  • indoor and outdoor events
  • show: 20 - 30 minutes

Can be combined with

  • fire show (please request technical details)
  • aerial artistry (please request technical details)


  • USB drive for sound system
  • The walk act and parade music is specially created for these figures



Stelzen-Art - Alice in Wonderland

Stelzen-Art - Alice in Wonderland - Špancirfest 2021, Varaždin Croatia

Stelzen-Art - Hase & Herzdame