Color of Nature

In this formation all the beauty of flora and fauna comes together! Flowers and butterflies in the most dazzling colors and shapes. Lively birds, elves, caterpillars, flamingo riders and red lions complete the natural spectacle.


Some of the costumes are equipped with lighting technology, so they are also suitable for events in the dark (take a look at the production Enchanted Garden)

Possible figures

  • 3 X Colored Butterflies
  • 7 X Butterfly-Elves
  • 7 X Flower (inflatable)
  • 1 X Caterpillar
  • 5 X Ara
  • Fleur
  • Rose Princess
  • 8 X Fleur de Luxe
  • 2 X Elves
  • 8 X Lions
  • 10 X Cosmic birds and more …


  • Flower & Butterfly Six minutes Show, with minimum 3x Flowers, 2x Butterflies or Butterfly-Elves

Suitable for

  • parades
  • in- und outdoor events
  • An approx. 10-minute show is available

Can be combined with

  • Confusao percussion / Costumes: Ara
  • minim. 5-8 players
  • Ara Brasil (production)
  • Riding Figures (production)


  • Live Percussion
  • USB drive for mobile sound system (especially for these figures created playlist available)



Stelzen-Art - UNTOLD festival 2023

Stelzen-Art - Color of Nature

Stelzen-Art - Butterfly-Elves

Stelzen-Art - Butterfly-Elves & Queen of Elves - Špancirfest 2019, Varaždin Croatia

Stelzen-Art - Color of Nature - Hong Kong

Stelzen-Art - Spirit of Nature - Butterfly-Elves

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