Le Voyage Magique

is the magical journey into the realm of blooming imagination - into the shimmering stilt-art world of magical beings and curious happiness researchers. To the realm of the zeppelins, aerial acrobats, flower balls and fire worlds.


In 2020, originally created as a 50-minute show, we are also offering a 20-minute, fast-paced show from this program.
The individual scenes and elements (stilt art, aerial artistry, hula hoop, fire show) can be combined in different ways.
The result is a show individually adapted to your event.

Possible figures

  • 2 x Butterfly Elves
  • 2 X Ballon Ladys
  • Zeppelin Cavalier
  • Monsieur Manege
  • 2 x Candy Girls
  • Time Traveler

Suitable for

  • Show: 20 - 50 minutes
  • in- and outdoor events
  • Events / Galas

Can be combined with

  • Aerial artistry (please request technical details)
  • Fire Show (please request technical details)
  • Hula Hoop (please request technical details)
  • Walk-Act / EntrĂ©e with the Candy Girls


  • Recording
  • A sound system is required for the recording



Le Voyage Magique/ Trailer

Le Voyage Magique/ Film

Time Traveler / Flying Traveler Walk-Act