riding figures

Dragons, flamingos, elephant, camel, reindeer and seahorses. The Stelzen-Art stud farm houses an illustrious bunch of animals. And the riders themselves are no less exotic. Whether fools, nobles, explorers, cooks, desert princes, Indian princes or Neptune himself, they all delight with their cheeky animals and wild riding arts the audience.


Possible figures

  • 12 X Dragons
  • 2 X Flamingos
  • 2 X Elephant
  • 1 X Camel
  • 2 X Reindeer
  • 2 X Seahorses
  • 6 X Mr. Moneymaker

Suitable for

  • Parades
  • indoor and outdoor events



Stelzen-Art - Seahorse Rider

Stelzen-Art - Mr. Moneymaker

Stelzen-Art - Flamingo Rider

Stelzen-Art - Camel Rider

Stelzen-Art - Elephant Rider

Stelzen-Art - Dragon Rider